Shopping on China merchant

Sign up on AIOExpress then use your complete AIO address as your delivery address at checkout.

We will collect all your incoming packages ,photo them & notify you by the Email address you registered on our site.

If your have trouble ordering yourself, we can purchase on your behalf without any commission charged!

Tell us how to Consolidate & Ship

Now you can either send packages individually or have them all packed into a bigger box.

Our professional warehouse team are also able to remove all the unwanted packing or invoice for you.

Having some fragile items? Our packing materials like carton box, bubble wrappings are free of charge!

Save up to 70% of international shipping

Postage will be calculated once we finalized the packing process.

We offer various of door to door service like DHL,Aramex ,Fedex,UPS,TNT and postal service.

Certain shipping method can ship item contain batteries and other sensitive items.

Compare with shipping your purchase individually from China global seller,

you can save up to 70% shipping charges!

Collect Incoming Mail

Want to take extra photos of your purchase ? Count numbers of your item or even turn on your electronic device? We can help you with a small fee charged or even pay by using your reward points.

Taobao Agent

Have trouble paying yourself?

Dont have a China payment method?

Our agent will purchase on your behalf without any commission or fee charged.

Special Request

Have your package delivered to our warehouse , our staffs will take photo and put them into your locker & system.Email notification will be sent to you for each incoming package received.


Shipping all packages individually are much more expensive than merge them into a bigger box, our warehouse team are able to help you consolidate all your purchase together, trash unwanted package or put more protection to prevent damage from international shipping.

Professional Customer service

Our customer support team are working 7 days a week, you can contact us via live chat email or submit a request from our contact us can also search help & answers from our knowledge base. All questions will be responded within the next business day.

Discount Shipping

We aim to provide affordable door to door service to our customers.

Thanks to long term relationship with Postal & Courier company,

We have various to check countries we shipped . Please go to shipping calculator page.

Free Membership

Our membership is free of charge, you wont pay us until you ready to ship your parcel,there are five level membership , the higher member you are, the more benefit you get.Reward point will be given for each international shipping & you are able to use themfor special request or redeem shipping vouchers.

Storage up to 180 days

Your will get up 180 days free storage period depending on the membership level, all new member has 30 days free warehouse to store your purchase.

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