AIOExpress is a Chinese based freight forwarding company who also provide commission free purchase service(How to use AIOExpress), by using our service, you can get access to millions of China domestic seller with a much cheaper price.

OK,There are two types of seller in China, global sellers on aliexpress, alibaba, dhgate & eBay and domestic sellers on taobao &

Global sellerDomestic seller
PriceExpensiveMuch cheaper
RangeSmallMuch larger
Foreign Payment MethodAcceptedUsually Not
LanguageMultiple Language Chinese Only
Shipping RangeGloballyMainland China

Domestic seller doesn't ship to overseas ? We can forwarding it to you!

Domestic seller doesn't accept foreign bank card?We can purchase on your behalf!

Domestic seller doesn't have english website? We can guide how to buy or even translate for you!

Jane Doe always shopping on global China store for bagains until she realise the AIOExpress can even help her save More $

She choose 5 lady cloth on AliExpress
Same cloth on China domestic E-shopping market Taobao


  • $389(¥2561)
  • deliver in 15-30 days via standard air mail
  • Five packages

AIOExpress Taobao agent & Freight forwarding service

  • ¥958.4 + (DHL)¥232(all:¥1190.4)
  • 3-5 days via DHL Express
  • One package

Save ¥1370.6

and at least 10 days earlier

Flexible service options help you save costs and time.

Save up to 80% by using AIOExpress Freight forwarding & Taobao Agent service compare with Shopping from China global seller directly!

"Lower costs"

Be the smart guy or lady


Let's guide you how to search cheaper price on taobao even you don't know any Chinese

Compared with AliExpress and Taobao.

$32.67(¥215) on AliExpress VS just 1/3 in Taobao(¥68)!

Higher costs of international transport is the main reason of the different between AliExpress and Taobao. AIOExpress can help you to save this useless money, especially you buy more than 1 goods. Because you cannot pay the international transport fare repeatly.

Click "SHOPPING" and start to enjoy this amazing trip