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AIOExpress is your one-stop site for all your China shopping needs. We are a Package and Mail forwarding company who also provide commission free purchasing service.It can be difficult to shop in China with an international address and sometimes an international credit card. We make it possible for you to shop in China like by providing you with your very own China Warehouse.

Our service not only makes it possible for you to take advantage of the most diversified shopping market & some incredible great prices ,We also help you to save up to 70% on shipping costs by either consolidating your multiple purchases and taking out all unnecessary packagings or we can separate one large shipment into multiple smaller ones—all depending on your situation!

We also offer commission free shopping service if you have trouble communicate with local Taobao or alibaba sellers, our agent will purchase on your behalf without any fee charged.Thanks to our large shipping volume, all our customers benefit from deeply discounted shipping rates and we charge no fee or commission at all .Damn right! pay only for shipping cost !

Why choose AIOExpress to ship your parcel to New Zealand

Shipping method from China to New Zealand

China Post Airmail15-20 days Package up to 2 KG, low price, normal products only
HK Post Airmail20-35 days Package up to 2 KG, low price, normal products only
MY Post Airmail 10-15 days Package up to 2 KG, low price, normal products only
Dutch Post Airmail20-35 daysPackage up to 2 KG, low price, able to ship some sensitive products
EMS 4-7 days Fast, charge on actual weight only, normal products only
DHL 3-5 daysMultiple shipping channel,Fastest speed with best service
HK Post Sea45-60 daysLow price, very slow delivery speed, normal products only
HK Post EMS4-7 daysFast,charge on actual weight only,normal products only

Day in here refers to working days, it doesn't include weekend and public holidays, this is an guide only, not an delivery speed guarantee.

How does AIOExpress work?

Shop on China online store and get package delivered to AIOExpress

We Pack and combine your products together

You received it in New Zealand within few days

New Zealand Import Restrictions & Prohibitions

The information above is provided in good faith only, AIOExpress is not responsible for any incomplete, incorrect or out of date information, it should be viewed as a guide only.

Please remember that AIOExpress also prohibits and restricts certain categories of items include but not limited to anything contain powder, liquid,stand along battery(battery by it self),perfume,Nail Polish,alcohol,tobacco,paper currency.We don't ship those products regardless the destination country banned them or not.

New Zealand Duty & Tax

  Goods mailed into New Zealand may be subject to import duty. Import duties are calculated on the Customs value of the goods in New Zealand dollars.

  The goods may also be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 15%, based on the Customs value of the goods, and including the duty (if any) and postal/courier charges.

  Please be aware that if two or more packages arrive for you at the same time, Customs may combine them as one import for the calculation of duty.

  If the amount to be paid to Customs is under $60, this will be waived, but if it's $60 or more, you'll have to pay any duty and GST plus an Import Entry Transaction Fee and MPI levy. Please note that tobacco and alcohol products are excluded from this waiver. Duty and GST are payable on these two regardless of the amount

  Eg a laptop declared 390 NZD into NEW Zealand

  Duty 0 NZD-Computers & laptops are free of duty

  GST 58.5NZD -390NZD x 15%=58.5 NZD

  Because total GST plus Duty is less than 60 NZD, therefore this package is allowed to entry NEW Zealand free of charge

  Eg a pair of shoes declared 390 NZD into NEW Zealand

  Duty 39 NZD-Duty for Footwear is 10%

  GST 58.5NZD -(390NZD +390NZDx10%)x0.15=64.35

  Because total GST plus Duty is over 60NZD(39+64.35=103.35), therefore Duty & Tax is applied for this shipment.

  Please note once you package is charged for Duty & Tax (over 60NZD), custom handing charge is also applied.

New Zealand shipping tools

New Zealand Postal & Courier contact number


  • 1.What payment method does AIOExpress accept?

    We accept Alipay,Paypal, western union TT transfer or Credit cards(processed through paypal)

  • 2.What's your business hours?

    Our business our is 9am-7pm GMT+8 Monday-Sunday except public holiday in China

  • 3.Where is your warehouse located?

    We are located in Guangzhou China,about 100KM from HongKong

  • 4.What shopping site do you accept ?

    We basically accept all China online store like or

  • 5.Why are you into this business?

    We started our business in 2012 to serve overseas Chinese who has need to shop from their homeland.We are getting more and more non-chinese customers from all over the world even we didn't have a english site back that time.

  • 6.How long does it take to process my consolidate order?

    Orders submitted before 4PM will be processed the same days, others will be completed within the next business days.Please note we don't pack&ship on Saturdays.