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What is Aliwangwang?

Many of you may not know what Aliwangwang is, I will explain you here.

Aliwangwang is a communication software that allows you to contact taobao seller whenever and wherever you are. Beside of this, you can use Aliwangwang to search people who share same interest and bought same products with you. You can add them and talk with them. You can contact buyers who bought products you are interested in to ask for some questions.

It is unnecessary to download Aliwangwang as long as you have taobao software, aliwangwang icon is near seller’s name, you can see following picture. 

You click aliwangwang icon, the chat window will appear, then you type your message in message filed, and click send button. If aliwangwang icon is blue, it means seller is online, on the contrary, gray color is offline, you can leave an offline message to seller.  

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