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How to quickly find goods on taobao?

Except using the search engine to select on home page,what you can do to find goods you want on taobao?

Submit picture for searching! That’s rapid and easy way to find. You can submit every picture to find out on taobao.

For example, when you find one dress you like very much on aliexpress or any other website, however, the price is high and you want to buy cheaper. Then you can screen the picture, submit it on taobao, which will show you the same type of dresses at lower prices!

Three steps to tell you how to do it, as the following picture show:

First of all, screen the picture on aliexpress and save it.

Next step, open taobao, click the button and submit the picture for searching.

The last step, look through what you want on taobao at lower prices.


As you can see, the prices on taobao is lower than on aliexpress.


So, why the prices on taobao is cheaper than on aliexpress?

Aliexpress is known as the international version of “taobao”  by the majority of sellers. The great difference between them is the audience, taobao is aiming to the domestic market while the aliexpress aiming to the global market.

In 2010, aliexpress is on line and become an international online shopping site. However, taobao has been set up in 2003. It is china’s largest online shopping retail platform, with nearly 500 million registered users, and there are more than 60 million regular visitors per day. So with its huge domestic market, sellers on taobao show a great deal of varieties.Besides,sellers on aliexpress need strict English requirement.

In addition, The seller on aliexpress purchase wholesale goods from factories, dealers,shops and so on. That’s almost the same on taobao, we can see there are many shops on taobao with similiar goods, even they are supplied from the same sources, the price is different, truely for the fierce price competition.

What’s more, some sellers on aliexpress even get the goods through shops on taobao, so if they get the same goods from taobao, the price on aliexpress must expensive!

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