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How to add items and shops to your Taobao wish list?

If you see something you like, you can easily save it so you won’t search it on Taobao when you want buy again. You can also save your favorite shops on Taobao so you don’t have to remember their names. To add an item to your wish list, click on the ‘收藏宝贝’ button under the item picture. You can also see how popular is the item (人气). To add favorite shop to your wish list on Taobao, click on the ‘收藏店铺’ button in the box to the right of the listing. To see other items from a shop, click on ‘进入店铺’.

To view your favorite items or shops, open Taobao home page and click on ‘收藏夹’on the top of home page . Click on ‘收藏的宝贝’ in the drop-down menu to view your saved items, or ‘收藏的店铺’ to view your saved shops

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