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International shipping from China

How to shipping from China

  If you want to buy from China, or have something need to shipping from China, we can help you. Don’t know how to do? Read this: How to use AIOExpress.

How much shipping from China to my country

  As our guests from around the world, we have no way to provide an entire country’s shipping price table. But you can calculate the shipping cost by calculator here. Prices for international delivery from China are final and already include all charges and discounts. We do not charge commission on international shipping.

  We have EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex and Air mail. We will try to choose the best mode of transport depending on the type of goods. But there’s some goods can’t be mailed in any way, for example, a large amount of liquid. Want more information on the modes of transport? Read this.

  If you have any question, speak to us by Live Chat.

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