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The relationship between the UK Parcelforce and EMS

Parcelforce is an express company, which attach to UK Mail Royalmail. It runs British and international express business. China EMS and Parcelforce are similar. In the same way, China EMS is an express service providers attach to China Post, to provide Chinese and global express delivery service. The SPEEDPOST in Singapore is similar.

The service of AIOexpress provided which including China Post EMS, Singapore Post EMS and Hong Kong Post EMS. The advantages of EMS include not to charge by volume weight, distribution aging faster, food distribution, famous brand and so on. So, a number of people select EMS. However, when the packages distributed by EMS arrive to the UK, why they have changed to PARECELFORCE distribute? How to judge the parcel whether distributed by EMS? What is the difference between Parcelforce and Royalmail in search?

For example, a parcel was sent from Hong Kong to England by EMS. (Base on the following picture) At the end of the number, it has changed from hk to gb. And the type of the service is Express 24, but there no more detailed page can open or view.

If you have inquiry on Parcelforce official website, input the tracking number end with hk. The system has view gb directly, but the state is also Express 24. The official website of the Parcelforece can inquiry more detailed information, it’s unlike Royalmail.

The parcel of EMS arrives in UK and distributed by Parcelforce is a normal phenomenon. Whether you select Royalmail or Parcelforce, you can inquiry your parcel’s information according to the original tracking number of China Post, Hong Kong Post and Singapore Post. The Royalmail would display the new and old tracking number at the same time, but couldn’t view details. As for Parcelforce, it just only cans inquiry the new tracking numbers. But it can query the details of the situation.

If you send an EMS parcel to the UK via AIOexpress, you can check your parcel's status in "my warehouse" according to the user center of our website. Or you can choose the official website to check  in the following.

China Post Express: www.ems.com.cn

Hong Kong Post official website: www.hkpost.com

Singapore Post Express: www.speedpost.com.sg

After your parcel arrival in the UK, you can check it at the following URL.

Royalmail: www.royalmail.com

Parcelforce: www.parcelforece.com (recommended)

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