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Which meat is not suitable for sending to Australia?

Under the Australian Department of Agriculture's rules, the following meat products can’t be sent to Australia (including but not limited)

1 Any non-canned meat, including fresh, dried, frozen, cooked, smoked, salted meat;

2 Foods containing meat, such as noodles with meat;

3 Containing meat moon cake.

Can Aioexpress send meat to Australia?

Yes, such goods comply with the relevant provisions of People's Republic of China and the China Post.

Do you recommend that customers send these items?

Not recommended. These items may be confiscated by Australian customs.

How much chances will the custom inspect the package?

Not 100%, however there is still a great chance to be seized.

What will the consequences if they are found by custom?

Based on our experience, you will still get the package without the prohibit item, which were seized by custom. In most cases you will not be fined and receive a notification by letter. No action needed if you agree those items to be destroyed by custom; otherwise you can choose to send these items back to sender with a fee applied.

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