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How to use AIOExpress

Let's guide you how to using AIOExpress.

1. Send package to our warehouse

whether you going to shop online like taobao (How to use our agent service) or forward package an gift to overseas, first of all, you need to get your parcel delivered to our warehouse.Each AIOExpress customer has an unique 4 letters ID number.Simply add the ID at the end of address line so we would know who's package belong to once we received it. If you have any doubt regarding filling address on taobao,  you can have a read this article: How to fill in the address of AIOExpress on taobao? You can find our address in your user center index.

2.Submit Packaging

When your parcel arrive at our warehouse, we will send you e-mail notifications you. You can find your parcel in "In Warehouse". If you have many parcels, you can package them in one, or send them just one by one. Click "Consoliate", you can choose which one is packed.

3.Pay international freight

After packing, the beginning of your parcel number will become G to P, and you can see the shipment in the status bar. Now you can pay for the international freight. After payment we will send the parcel within 24 hours

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