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How to fill in address of AIOExpress on taobao?

You may having trouble fill your AIOExpress warehouse address on taobao ,let's guide you how to do it step by step!  

First, you need to Log into your AIOExpress & Taobao Account, If you don't have AIOExpress account, please create an account here.

Log into your taobao account as well,On the main page of Taobao account center, please click “我的收货地址” which mean "my address book " in English

taobao address

Then you need to choose State ,City,Suburb & sub-district tap one by one

On “省份” Tab-which mean"State" in English,Please choose “广东”

taobao address

On “城市” Tab-which mean"city" in English,Please choose “广州”

taobao address

On “显区” Tab-which mean"suburb" in English,Please choose “白云”

taobao address

On “街道” Tab-which mean"sub-district" in English,Please choose “新市街道”

taobao address

Once you have finished the above steps, please copy your AIO warehouse address incluede your AIO ID into the address Line(详细地址)

AIOExpress address

taobao address

  Address:萧岗明珠北路M8创意园C座1层#XXXX (XXXX is just an examaply ,You need to replace the ABCD with your AIO ID, you can find them in your user center upper right corner.)

  Zip code:510410

  Consignee name: Your AIOExpress account name(The one you fill in while you registered on our site)

  Telephone number:020-29807335(fill them into “电话号码”).

  click Orange button to save .


Mobile version taobao or tmall are not allowed to fill in land line, Please do it on the web version , otherwise you can contact our live agent to get an mobile number.

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