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Taobao English Version

  For foreigners, Taobao provides a website world.taobao.com. If you are careful enough, maybe you will find the top left corner of the language options, unfortunately it did not work now. That also means there have no Taobao English version.

Taobao English

  You can see that they are using Google Translation widget. It sounds like a good news. Open URL: https://translate.google.com/, and paste a product URL from taobao.com into the input box. It will looks like this:

Taobao English

  All you need to know is which products you want to buy and find it by images.

  You can also buy through our service. You get the product URL and submit to us in your user center shipping order. Once you complete the payment we'll help you purchase within 24 hours. This service is free of charge.

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