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What is brand means in my warehouse?

If you saw  in your item, that means package contain brand product. There are three types of brand products

First most famous brand product such as LV, Gucci, Chanel, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Rolex, Apple, Samsung. This type of brand product can be shipped via all the Post office method.

Second type is brand product such as Casio, Lenovo, Tommy, New balance, Hello kitty, Mickey Mouse.

Third type of brand product is the product does not make in china, it usually shows in the tag of clothes, shoe, pants and jeans. These two types of brand product can be shipped via DHL brand, post office method. For Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan can be shipped via AIO air (sensitive fee might be charged)


Note: some brand product can be changed to general after we processing such as remove the tag with make in Thailand, phone case print Samsung logo in its packing, once we remove the packing it can be changed to general. If you wish to change brand product to general please left note when you submit consolidation or contact us via email, live chat.

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