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List of articles prohibited from export by Customs of the People’s Republic of China

1、Various types of weapons,ammunition and explosives of all kinds

2、Radio transmitters,receivers and their main parts

3、Renminbi and Renminbi negotiable securities

4、Foreign currencies, bills and negotiable securities without verification and approval

5、Manuscripts, printed matter, films, photographs, discs, movies, sound recording tapes, video recording tapes, etc, the contents of which involve state secrets or which are prohibited from export

6、Precious cultural relics and books concerning the Chinese revolution, history, culture and arts

7、Precious animals, plants and their seeds

8、Precious metals and their products, pearl and jewel decorations (except for those carried by outgoing travelers in accordance with the restricted quantities as stipulated)

9、Other articles prohibited from export as stipulated by the state.


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