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Message to our customers regarding Covid-19 & face masks

We hope this message finds you ,your family and friends healthy and free from COVID-19 (Corona virus).

We want to assure you all that at the time of this message, even though there has been a reduction in operations to nearly all passenger carriers, we have not yet experienced any majors changes from couriers and post,however delivery speed may vary depending on customs and couriers in destination country not china especially in Europe.

Also we have been asked quite often lately about whether we can provide medical supply particularly Face masks.We are now able to provide medical use surgical mask to our customers through our partner, the price is 30 CNY per 10 pieces. As for now we may not able to provide as many as you ordered because the shortage of supply, buy if you live in the most affected countries and require a large sum of masks, Please contact us before ordering large quantity as price may change every day.

This is a quick tip for place an order

Take Care !


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