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How to use our agent service

  If you want to buy something from China online shopping mall, we can help you. To use our service, you need to sign up to get an account first. Then you can continue read this.

  If you want to buy something, you have to tell us what you want to buy, you need to find out  products, get their URL, then submit to us in your user center shopping orders. ( How to quickly find goods on taobao? / Taobao English version?)

  In this table, you need to fill in product url, shipping fee, quantity and single unit price, if you have special requirements for commodities such as color, you can write down in Descriptions & Details. Shipping fee means Chinese domestic freight, usually you can find them after 配送, and if you see 免运费 means no shipping fee. Some online shopping mall support no shipping fee only when you buy a certain amount of goods. Like 满99元免运费.

After submitting the items you wish to purchase and paid for all the costs, our stuff will buy for you within 24 hours.

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