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AIOExpress Affiliate Program

AIOExpress Affiliate Program


AIOExpress’s ownership and operation rights are owned by GuangzhouQuanYunTong Ltd. And its domain name is” www.aioexpress.com”.You must agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement in order to takepart in the Affiliate Program, so pleaseread this agreement carefully.

1.  Join the AffiliateProgram

1.1 You must first become a AIOExpress userin order to apply for the Affiliate Program.

1.2 All the AIOExpress Users have therights to apply for the Affiliate Program, while AIOExpress have the rights todecide who can be approved.

1.3 When Joining the Affiliate Program, youmust fill out personal information completely and accurately. Any incomplete orinaccurate information may result in the failure of joining the AffiliateProgram.


2. The Regulations of Affiliate Program

2.1 You can place the Banner, links or ads whereveryou want such as your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and other places to promoteAIOExprss. But if the place you choose contains pornography, violence, various discriminationand rhetoric that is detrimental to the interests of the People's Republic ofChina , this promotion is invalid. And we have the right to cancel your qualification.

2.2 If the new user registers on ourwebsite through the links you publish, AIOExpress will give you some commissionsaccording to the new user's amount of freight. The freight amount is subject tothe actual payment , excluding voucher and gold coin. In case of any dispute onrefund or exchange, the decision of our company is final.

2.3 You'll continuously receive 5%commission within a year from the date he/she registered on our site. The following shipping methods are not eligible for commissions:

      China Post small air

      China Post air

      China Post SAL

      China Post Sea

      HongKong Post small air

      HongKong Post sea

      Dutch Post small air

      Malaysia Post small air

2.4 The percentage of rebate is adjusted annually;please regularly check our website for updated information.

3. Payments and Withdrawals

3.1 You can use Paypal, Alipay, Chinesebank transfer and other ways to withdraw, or transfer the amount to your AIOExprssaccount.

3.2 If the withdrawal amount through paypal,Alipay and Chinese bank transfer is less than 200 RMB, you need to pay a fee of10RMB. If the withdrawal is greater than or equal to 200RMB, you do not have to pay this fee. These transfer methods will have exchange rate losses. If you transferthe commissions to your AIOExprss account, you do not have any loss, but you cannotbe able to cash once again.

3.3 AIOExprss has the right to refuse topay a commission to a third one other than the name you register on ourwebsite.



4. Prohibited Actions

4.1 You cannot use spam, unauthorized mailing lists, crawling or purchasing mailing list to promote AIOExpress toother users.

4.2 A link to aioexpress.com must be clicked by users, you cannot induce and deceive users to affect users’ behavior.

4.3 Users cannot click on a link with afalse identity to defraud rebates. We will confirm identity through a varietyof means such as IP, TEL and Mac address. If the false behavior is found, youmust suffer the consequences by yourself.


5.Modifications and Severability

AIOExpress reserves the right to makechanges to our site, policies and agreements at any time. If any of these termsshall be deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, that term shallbe deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of anyremaining condition. AIOExpress recommends that you review this page from time to time to note any changes.


6. Applicable Law

By visiting AIOExpress, you agree that the laws of The People’s Republic of China, without regard to principles ofconflict of laws, will govern these agreements and any dispute of any sort thatmight arise between you and AIOExpress.


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