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What's difference between EXP and points?

EXP is  recorded AIOExpress members' growth scores on sites, we judge members registration by EXP, different levels membership will get different levels storage space, and storage time also get a free processing service coupon。EXP has a certain timeliness, 30 June and 30 December of each year is experience audit day, we will deduct a certain amount of your EXP if you didn't use our forwarding service in the past six months , specific rules as follow:

Level               Processing services coupon           Storage space ( )                     Storage days         EXP deduction

LV.1                        one/month                                       1/8 free                             30days free                       0

LV.2                        two/month                                       1/8 free                              45days free                      0

LV.3                        three/month                                     1/4 free                              45days free                   1000

LV.4                        four/month                                       1/4 free                              60days free                   2000

LV.5                        five/month                                        1/2 free                               90days free                   4000

Please note: 

1. Points are different to EXP, points can be directly deducted shipment, points are usable permanently. 

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